• Track 2 Applicants Eligible for TU-ADLAW Academic Year 2019

    Thammasat University Faculty of Law is pleased to announce the list of applicants who are eligible for taking the test (TU-AdLaw) for admission to the Bachelor of Laws Program in Business Law (International Program) in the Academic Year of 2019. The eligible applicants should read the following information carefully:

    1.Time and venue of the admission test (TU-AdLaw)

    Date:   Sunday, 24th March 2019
    Time:  09.00 – 12.30 hrs
    Venue:   Room LAW 301,
    Faculty of Law, Thammasat University, Tha Phra Chan Campus

    2.Documents and items required for the test

    • ID Card or Passport
    • Pen and pencil (2B)
    • Eraser, pencil sharpener

    3.General instructions:

    • School attire is mandatory. For home-schooled or overseas graduated applicants, smart casual is permitted. Sandals and jeans, however, are NOT allowed.
    • Applicants are advised to arrive at the venue 30 minutes prior to the test.
    • Applicants who arrive more than 30 minutes late will NOT be allowed into the test room.
    • Applicants will NOT be allowed to leave the test room during the first 90 minutes of the test.
    • NO electronic devices, documents or any materials are permitted in the test room.
    • To write a General Essay, applicants must use a ballpoint or fountain pen. Erasable pen are NOT allowed.

    By entering the test room, the applicants agree to strictly observe all rules and instructions given by the Faculty of Law and accept that any violation will result in disqualification from the admission test.


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