• Track 2 Admission Examinations and Selection Process

    You need to go through both a written examination and an interview.

    1. Written Examination

    Applicants will be required to take a written examination called “TUAdLaw“.

    The interview shortlist is made on the basis of the highest written examination scores.

    2. Interview

    Approximately 100 applicants with written examination scores meeting the minimum level set by the Selection Committee will be shortlisted for an interview. The interview is aimed at assessing applicants’ English listening and speaking skills. A panel composed of at least 2 interviewers will examine interviews on a variety of topics. If you fail the interview you will be reexamined by a Special Panel whose decision is final. You will receive an admission offer only if you pass the interview.

    Please note that:

    (1) If you have not yet completed your studies in a foreign country by the date of interview exam on 25 March 2017, you may request a live video interview; and
    (2) the numbers of applicants shortlisted for an interview in either track may be subject to change.


    Last Updated: 28 October 2016