• Frequently Asked Questions

    Who are your teaching staff? Are native English speakers included?

    Our program is taught by both Thai and foreign lecturers. It is virtually a mirror of our Thai LL.B. program with an emphasis on business law. Since a large number of the courses we offer focus on Thai law, it is essential that they are taught by Thai law experts. Our law faculty has more than 25 full-time academic members and numerous adjunct lecturers who were educated in English-speaking countries and fluent in English. However, there are also a number of courses which relate to international law, international business law, foreign law and foreign legal principles. These courses are to be partly or entirely taught by foreign visiting professors and lecturers from prominent law schools mostly in English-speaking countries.

    Do you have sufficient English materials on Thai law?

    Yes, we do. If you google Thai law,  you would be surprised to find only a couple of academic books on certain subjects of Thai law. It’s a fact that there are a limited amount of English publications on the Thai legal system, but this does not mean that it is impossible to study Thai law in English. We have endeavoured to make Thai law accessible to foreigners and ensure that it can be learned in English. We are now working on an English publications of Thai law project aimed at producing English textbooks on various subjects of Thai law and translating authoritative Thai publications into English. Since modern Thai law was mostly founded on European legal systems. We can also consult English materials in relation to our model laws, such as German and French private law, criminal law and public law. Many subjects, for example, international law, international business law and IT law, are universal meaning that our students can use the same textbooks as used by English or American law students.

    What are prospective careers for students of this program?

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    There are a wide range of opportunities for graduates of our Program in search of challenging and competitive careers, notably judges, public prosecutors, lawyers and consultants in local and international firms, law academics and researchers in international organizations.

    Has your Program been accredited by the Thai Bar?

    What the Thai Bar actually does is to consider whether a graduate of a law program who wishes to apply for membership of the Bar is academically qualified. This effectively means that we will know whether our first graduating class are eligible to apply for a Bar membership in next 4 years. Due to the fact that the establishment of our Program has officially been acknowledged by the Office of the Higher Education Commission and the fact that we have always maintained highest standards of legal education we offer, we are completely confident that graduates from our LL.B. Program in Business Law will be able to pursue a judicial career or a career in public prosecution service as graduates from our Thai LL.B. programs are.

    Do you have any exchange programs to offer your students?

    Yes, we do. Our curriculum was designed to facilitate exchange programs and encourage students to spend their fourth academic year studying law abroad. We have been working with several overseas law schools to establish academic collaboration and exchange programs, and we will ensure that our students will reap the full benefits of spending their time abroad.

    What are your tuition fees?

    Approximately 180,000 THB per academic year for Thai students and approximately 200,000 THB per academic year for international students.