• Junavit Chalidabhongse
    Deputy Director of the Program

    Dr. Junavit Chalidabhongse has been a full-time member of the Faculty of Law staff since 2003. Besides being the Deputy Director of this program, he is Head of the Civil Law Department. His story about how he became associated with legal profession is rather extraordinary. Dr Junavit earned his first Bachelor’s Degree (Honors) in Electrical Engineering from Chulalongkorn University. He then pursued higher degrees in the same field of study in the University of Southern California where he received his M.S. and Ph.D. Dr. Junavit later joined a top national research institute as an engineering researcher. He began to be attracted to law after getting involved in a national project on the drafting of information technology laws. His increasing curiosity about law led him to Thammasat’s LL.B. Program for Non-law Graduates. At Thammasat, his strong passion for law developed, and he eventually completed his degree ranked first in his class. Upon his completion, he decided to join the Faculty of Law. After teaching for a few years, Dr. Junavit went to Harvard Law School where he received his LL.M. His teaching and research focus on contract law, the law of obligations, intellectual property law and information technology law.