• Faculty of Law and the Surrounding Neighborhoods

    Life at the Faculty of Law is never boring as the students can watch and participate in variety of cultural activities and exhibitions all year round in the surrounding neighborhoods. In addition, many historical sites and tourist attractions are within walking distance.

    Tha Prachan

    Just south of Thammasat University the adjacent neighborhood is Tha Prachan which is frequented by students and tourist for food, Thai dessert, books and supplies, consumer goods, antiques and the ferry crossing over the Chao Praya river to Siriraj Hospital of Mahidol University. The world largest Bhuddha-image market and Mahathat Temple or Wat Mahathat are also in this neighborhood. On weekends, Prachan Road is partially closed to host for cultural shows and concerts.

    Grand Palace

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    watEast of Tha Chang stands the magnificent Grand Palace built by King Rama I when Bangkok was established as the capital city of Thailand in 1782. Most buildings within the compound were designed and decorated in the Thai style and were used mainly for state functions. The present King, however, does not live in the Grand Palace. Another attraction within the compound is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Pra Keow) which contains the most venerated Bhuddha image in Thailand.

    Pak Klong Talad

    Walking further down the road along the river brings one close to the King Rama I Bridge. Flowers, vegetables and fruits are sold, both retail and whole, amidst bustling streets at the Pak Klong Talad. Those wishing to buy fabric may visit the nearby Pahurat Market (Indian Market), not far from Chinatown.

    Tha Tien

    South of Tha Chang is Tha Tien where some wholesale and transportation business are still carried out. The ferry to the Temple of Dawn and canal tours can also be arranged here. The center of interest in this neighborhood is the Temple of the Reclining Bhuddha, or Po Temple (Wat Po), which contains a 46-meter-long reclining Bhuddha. This Temple is considered by many to be the first university in Thailand since it had been a place for students and villagers to learn classical Thai medicine, massage, arts and culture a hundred years before the creation of Bangkok. A number of formulas for herbal cures have been inscribed on the walls and sculpted figures in various postures demonstrate how to relieve muscle pain.

    Tha Chang

    wat2Further south along the Chao Phraya is Tha Chang (Elephant Pier) which was once used by mahouts to feed and clean their elephants. It is always full of tourist as they come here for canal tours and the ferry to the Temple of Dawn or Wat Arun and other places, Across the street lie the Grand Palace and Silpakorn University whose students are found of displaying their roadside art works, especially painting. Food, fruits and drinks are everywhere to serve the busy tourist and students.

    Pra Meru Ground (Sanam Luang)

    Across the street, north of the Grand Palace and east of Thammasat University main campus, is the 27 acre field, called Pra Meru Ground or Sanam Laung, which is used for a variety of purposes. The cremation of the members of the royal family, public celebrations, political rallies and demonstrations, family picnics, outdoor sports (including the annual Thai kite flying competition), festivals and concerts all take place here throughout the year. Sanam Laung is also surrounded by other tourist attractions such as the National Museum, the National Theater, the National Art Gallery, the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Justice.

    Ratchadamnoen Avenue

    Ratchadamnoen consists of three sections: Ratchadamnoen Nai Avenue, Ratchadamnoen Klang Avenue and Ratchadamnoen Nok Avenue. The history of democracy in Thailand seems to revolve around Ratchadamnoen Avenue which has used several times by students and the public to express their political views and call for democracy. The Avenue starts from Sanam Laung, passes the Democracy Monument and ends at the National Assembly Building. Along the way, one can find the magnificent, mythical metal-castle within the Ratchadamnoen Stadium usually draws large crowds of tourists as well as Thai boxing fans. Near the end of the road stands the Marble Temple or Wat Benjamabophit which was once the residence of the reigning king when he was a monk.


    Along the Chao Phraya, north of Thammasat University main campus, Phra Artit Road Passes Tha Pra Artit or Pra Artit Pier and Pra Sumen Fortress, built on the Banglampoo Canal to protect the city from invaders during the early Chakri Dynasty. The road then leads to Banglampoo where many shop-houses, restaurants, food stalls, banks, temples, and classical Thai dance and music schools are located. The neighborhood features Khao San Road which is extremely popular among young tourists and backpackers for its cheap guest houses, air-tickets, tours, restaurants and pubs that can be found there