• Law Thammasat Representing Thailand in the World Most Prestigious Moot Court Competition, Phillip C. Jessup

    Thammasat University comprised of 5 well-equipped students (including 2 LLB students) and 1 well-versed coach, Ajarn Thitirat Thipsamritkul, represents Thailand in the world most prestigious moot court competition, Phillip C. Jessup. On March 27 April 2017, Capitol Hill, Washington DC was the place where the brightest young minds of this generation gathered and fought fist-to-fist in an arena witnessed by three illustrious Jessup veteran judges. In the Coliseum of Law, agents representing two imagined States exhibit their honed skills in advocacy and rhetoric; it is an epitome of gladiators in public international law. jessup1 The theme this year in which the hypothetical fact revolved around is mass surveillance; the inevitably most relevant topic the world required young lawyers addressing.  The challenges of this theme stems from the vacuum of law pertaining states conducting mass surveillance. In additionally, there are also various traditional claims such as admissibility, detention, and the controversial issue of cyber-attack. The author of the hypothetical fact, Asaf Lubin, said that this years fact is a combination of well-mixed topics that required extensive research and pushing the boundary of traditional norm like none any other moot competition. jessup2 The Thailand national team went against Baku State University (Azerbaijan), University of Cyprus (Cyprus), Stanford University (USA), and Universidad de Costa Rica (Costa Rica). In which the team, with their outstanding performance, strikes a score of 2 wins and 2 losses against each university respectively; scoring the round point of 19.5 and total raw score of 2897, a few hundreds less than the team that made it to top 32. For the first time in history, Thailand was ranked 70 among 116 university joined (Excluding over 500 universities throughout the national rounds); it is the highest ranking Thailand had ever achieved in its history of joining the Phillip C. Jessup. In additionally, for the first time, Thailand national team has one of its oralist (Ms.Nantanat Thawilanusorn) ranked at 50th in the Best Oralist ranking of 2016. This years Thailand national team performance was extremely spectacular and their hard work truly pays off. The team met various types of judges that judged their rounds ranging from the extremely active ones to rather passive ones. It was a challenge to win all and every type of judges.

    To them, the records of two wins and two losses was no ordinary achievement factoring in the fact that only the most qualified team will be able to represent a certain countries. It was a result traded with perseverance and success learned through myriad mistakes. For 7 months, Thailand team was submerged into the hypothetical facts reimagining themselves as agents of two imaginary states finding the best arguments for each claim. The team underwent testaments of hardships, sleepless hours of researches, and days of oral-pleading intensive practices. The members have undergone trials that furnish their poise and demeanour preparing them for the international arena. From every match within the competition, the team members are a step closer to being an actual law practitioner; that is how much Philip C.