• Annoncements

    • Track 1 Admission Announcement 2017

      Thammasat University Faculty of Law is pleased to announce a list of successful applicants who are admitted to the Bachelor of Laws Program in Business Law (International Program) for the 2017 Academic Year. adidas pas cher NMD >>> Click here to download a list of successful Track 1 applicants. <<< HOW TO ACCEPT ADMISSION OFFERS […]

    • Admission 2018

      The Government has introduced a new admission scheme from the academic year 2018 onwards. The new scheme has slight effects on our admission system. 1. THE ADMISSION SYSTEM In compliance with the Government’s new admission scheme, we offer 3 tracks for admission to the Program (Track 1, Track 2, and Track 3). Track 1 and […]

    • Program Leaflet

      Please check out our leaflet by clicking on the link below.