• Dean Welcome

    Welcome to the Thammasat LL.B. Program in Business Law website! I hope that it provides all the information you need about our newly-established undergraduate program which is entirely taught in English.

    Dr. Munin Pongsapan

    Our University has offered legal education since 1934, and its esteemed history can be traced back to the Law School of the Ministry of Justice established in 1897. Our Faculty of Law is the oldest continuously operating law school in the country. Over 80 years, we have endeavoured to build up a just, democratic Thai society and serve the interests of Thai people. We produced men and women who are champion of justice in both public and private sectors. Many alumni had successful careers becoming Prime Ministers, senior judges, including Presidents of the Supreme Court of Justice, Presidents of the Supreme Administrative Court and Presidents of the Constitutional Court, senior governments officials, such as Attorney Generals, and prominent practitioners. Many devoted themselves to charitable work helping vulnerable individuals.

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    While our curricular have continually influenced the development of legal education in Thailand, we always ensure that they are properly revised to keep pace with rapidly evolving social, economic, and legal developments. For this reason, we decided to launch a new bachelor degree program focusing on the area of business law. This program directly answers the needs of lawyers who are able to cope with increasingly complex commercial disputes resulting from rapidly growing economies especially in Asia and practise in English-speaking environments. The ASEAN Economic Community in 2015 presents a major challenge to Thai legal education. People have high expectations for our students that they not only possess mastery of Thai law but also have global legal qualifications which enable them to engage in international dispute resolution.

    Our Faculty, the largest law school in the nation in terms of staff and resources, now have more than 90 academic members who were educated in various jurisdictions across the globe and teach almost every course that is offered in European law schools. Our teaching staff bring Thammasat University Faculty of Law a depth and range of experience unmatched by any other law school. We have excellent libraries, especially the Sanya Dharmmasakdi Law Library, and modern facilities that support the learning, teaching and research needs of our students. Our Tha Prachan Campus has long been renowned for its rich history of student activities, academic, political and charitable. There no doubt that studying in this historical site will give our LL.B. students a real sense of social and intellectual life.

    Our Facultyas formidable reputation and high spirit of public service guarantees that we only aim to produce lawyers who keep high standard of performance with social responsibility in mind.

    I hope that you enjoy your virtual visit to this website. Should you have any enquiries about the Program please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Munin Pongsapan